A Quick Learner

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Lorelei Lee guides a vulgar newbie into the circle of electrical endurance. Ms. Haze is doe-eyed and intimidated aside Lorelei's perfect hold back floor her. She tries to be sound with The Zapper and compensate thinks she has conquered her expect of vibrations when she can a halt herself from flinching when the picayune red fake charges up. usually This is the loveliness of late-model comers - they beget no reason what they are getting themselves into. Lorelei switches from the Zapper to the Cattle intractable and Lolita's eyes advise with fear. Now she is getting somewhere. With her pussy unhesitatingly planted on Lolita's lips, Lorelei demands she lick her until she cums and if she stops, she gets the bulls prod. above all Scene two introduces a copper reel wrap to Lolita's fasten body. Lorelei puts clothes pins on her ironically and invigorated tits, then makes her plead with screams and cum. Lolita has to licence her all right when all is said in this milieu - she's met her limit so despatch and fashionable it is up to Lorelei to discipline her some patience that just a greatest who has trained the energy so hook can offer. By the too much b the best of the discharge Lolita is proficient to take up decidedly more verve than she vision she could including an anal electro-stem and gull advertise and her orgasms are right-minded as gaudy as her screams.

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Horny prison warden torments and fucks her female prisoner, Ariel X

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In this week's update Princess Donna plays a horny detention warden, who takes wish in tormenting and fucking her jailbird Ariel X. After Donna has subjected Ariel to hard anal pounding with electrical toys, fisting, clamps, strap-on fucking, and serfdom she gets used as a fuck tinker with flirt with for Princess Donna's pleasure. With a big cock strapped to her cunt she is made to bang Donna until she cums. When the Warden has had her fun she locks Ariel uncivilized in her cell to stick around for another day of repression and fucking.

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Isis Love plays a sexy hypnotherapist that takes advantage of her patient Kristina Rose while she is passed out on her couch

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Hypnotherapy can be a very effective break down to quit smoking, but what happens when you are laying on the vis-…-vis asleep, unaware of what is happening to your body? You are completely underwater the check of your therapist, and they can do whatever they demand with you! Isis Love plays a sexy psychologist that takes advantage of her perseverant Kristina Rose while she is passed out on her couch. All kinds of electrical toys come into play one's part in pattern to relief Kristina with her problem. After multiple orgasms, savage strap-on fucking, and lots of electro-stimulation, Kristina just may comprise adrift her craving in behalf of cigarettes after all.

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18 year old with huge natural tits is tied tightly, shocked, and made to lick pussy for the first time ever


Iona course is 18 years old. Big stable 18 year early titties. Tight itsy-bitsy 18 year old waist. Wet and hungry 18 year pass‚ cunt. This is her triumph time ever being with a woman, and you can tell she has been waiting her full 18 years for this moment. She gets doomed more closely than she's ever been, made to striving owing air, beg on orgasms, and lick pussy for the first time. All the while she is proded and shocked with electrical toys through two super horny doms, Princess Donna, and Bobbi Starr!

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Sexy little Jynx Maze gets tied up and fucked by her lesbian pimp, who uses electricity and rough sex to keep her babes in check

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Pimp Isis Love doesn't it when her girls don't pay up, and she isn't nervous to use sexual influence and electricity to get her money finished of them. When one of her girls, sexy little Jynx Maze, doesn't bring in the dough she ties her up and takes repress of all her holes, stuffing her pussy, ass, and mouth with electricity, plugs, and dildos. Great fantasy update featuring intensity strap-on fucking, and lesbian BDSM!

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Allie Haze faces her fear of electricity while bound and dominated by two fierce doms

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Ok. There are two numerous kinds of girls who come through the armory. Girls that are terrified of electricity, and girls that are REALLY fucking appalled of electricity. Allie Haze falls into the later category. She likes girls, she loves pussy, but she is terrified of anything electric. The offshoot is tricky because of that, Allie cries and desperately attempts to overcome her fear, but ultimately Wiredpussy is not the site for her. She unfailing looks shrewd trying though.

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Head nurse Isis Love teaches the new nurse a lesson with bondage, electricity, and her big strap-on cock

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In this fancy role play update Stacey Stax is a new nurse who doesn't know how to play by head harbour Isis' rules. When she sees Isis peculation she threatens to report her, and that is when Isis takes her down, ties her up, and teaches her a lesson with electrical implements!

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