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Angelica Saige spreads a rumor about the Head Mistress Madeline and gets called into the office for a some kinky lesbian corrective punishment involvi

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Angelica Saige is a precious bitch who thinks she can do anything she wants and get away with it. Now that's she gotten into the college of her choice her grades are slipping, and her big mouth is getter bigger. While she may injure away with spreading rumors about mate classmates, she takes it too far when she begins gossiping about Head Mistress Madeline. When Angelica refuses to admit what she has done Madeline has no choice but to use corporal punishment and electricity to get the confession she wants. But that isn't all, she also takes Angelica's mouth and uses it to lick her ass clean while she cums hard with a energetic vibrator. Hopefully Angelica has leaned her teaching but if not, I'm sure the headmistress won't remembrance occupation her into the office for more power contend with and strange lesbian BDSM!

Vai is pushed to her limits with bondage, electroplay, and lesbian domination.

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This knock off is HOT! Vai and Bobbi Starr have amazing chemistry Puppy play, anal, fisting, struggling in bondage, the cattleprod, pussy and ass licking, hard strap-on fucking, electro carouse and more await you inside. If you sire been looking seeking the most intense and authentic lesbian subjection site on the web, look no further, you have arrived.

Head nurse Isis Love teaches the new nurse a lesson with bondage, electricity, and her big strap-on cock

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In this fancy role play update Stacey Stax is a new nurse who doesn't know how to play by head harbour Isis' rules. When she sees Isis peculation she threatens to report her, and that is when Isis takes her down, ties her up, and teaches her a lesson with electrical implements!

Allie Haze faces her fear of electricity while bound and dominated by two fierce doms

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Ok. There are two numerous kinds of girls who come through the armory. Girls that are terrified of electricity, and girls that are REALLY fucking appalled of electricity. Allie Haze falls into the later category. She likes girls, she loves pussy, but she is terrified of anything electric. The offshoot is tricky because of that, Allie cries and desperately attempts to overcome her fear, but ultimately Wiredpussy is not the site for her. She unfailing looks shrewd trying though.

Horny prison warden torments and fucks her female prisoner, Ariel X

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In this week's update Princess Donna plays a horny detention warden, who takes wish in tormenting and fucking her jailbird Ariel X. After Donna has subjected Ariel to hard anal pounding with electrical toys, fisting, clamps, strap-on fucking, and serfdom she gets used as a fuck tinker with flirt with for Princess Donna's pleasure. With a big cock strapped to her cunt she is made to bang Donna until she cums. When the Warden has had her fun she locks Ariel uncivilized in her cell to stick around for another day of repression and fucking.

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