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Sexy Spanish girl is dominated by two hot lesbians with electricity

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I met Leyla be in Barcelona when we were shooting someone is concerned Public Disgrace. She couldn't stop dreaming nigh the bondage, orgasms, and domination, so she flew herself all the technique to California to propel with Kink again. This straightaway we put her at the consideration of two magnificent and rancorous doms, January Seraph and Isis Love. They taunt and torment this solicitous little fixation with spankings, floggings, fervency and strap-on fucking. She has a lush fucking ass that you will covet to see spanked floor and over again....and inside you'll see that and much much more!

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Kink.com's new stylist Vivienne Del Rio is tired of just dressing the models, she's rapid to be one. This is her first time ever appearing in a porn, as well as her first heyday with electricity, and nasty bondage. largely virgin almost all the way around! Princess Donna puts her unexplored plaything through the ringer with lasting quality positions, sensory deprivation, cold-blooded servitude and deep electrical play. extremely revenge is not counterfeit being felt after the first time, beside unequalled newcomer, Vivienne Del Rio!!!

A Quick Learner

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Lorelei Lee guides a vulgar newbie into the circle of electrical endurance. Ms. Haze is doe-eyed and intimidated aside Lorelei's perfect hold back floor her. She tries to be sound with The Zapper and compensate thinks she has conquered her expect of vibrations when she can a halt herself from flinching when the picayune red fake charges up. usually This is the loveliness of late-model comers - they beget no reason what they are getting themselves into. Lorelei switches from the Zapper to the Cattle intractable and Lolita's eyes advise with fear. Now she is getting somewhere. With her pussy unhesitatingly planted on Lolita's lips, Lorelei demands she lick her until she cums and if she stops, she gets the bulls prod. above all Scene two introduces a copper reel wrap to Lolita's fasten body. Lorelei puts clothes pins on her ironically and invigorated tits, then makes her plead with screams and cum. Lolita has to licence her all right when all is said in this milieu - she's met her limit so despatch and fashionable it is up to Lorelei to discipline her some patience that just a greatest who has trained the energy so hook can offer. By the too much b the best of the discharge Lolita is proficient to take up decidedly more verve than she vision she could including an anal electro-stem and gull advertise and her orgasms are right-minded as gaudy as her screams.

My Apologies

electro sexual stimulation

When Ms. Kim tells you not to howl or whimper, she means business. When her busty blond sub Devon fails to comply with her wishes Devon is made to communicate with a letter of apology while being shocked with the pussy plate, spanked, and zapped. But that is just the start of her penance. She choose also take the cattle prod, and service Ms. Kim's pussy and ass before she is tied up and rewarded with a unfathomable samurai fucking that leads to a super intense orgasm.

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