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Princess Donna uses Darling as a puppet, tying up her big tits and fucking her tight little ass with electricity

female electrosex

Darling returns to Wiredpussy for a long day of predicament bondage, electricity, ass hooks, and orgasms in the hands of one of the most loved and feared, femdoms in the world, Princess Donna.

Amateur blond gets shocked with electricity for the first time ever!

female electrosex

Shae is lickerish a little piece of newfangled meat. She's already a pain slut, but she's not in any way in preference to on the ball the take for a ride of vibrations and like most girls, is scared shitless. Isis ties her wrists and ankles together, blindfolds her and introduces her to all kinds of new toys! Shae may be tough with a cane, but you talk about out a violet staff and she trembles a scared little girl.

The House Always Wins Electricity is Queen

female electrosex

Addison Heart is a incomparable kind-hearted and sweet maid at the start of the shoot. She impresses Isis with her cut to the quick prejudice as she takes her fundamental taste of tenseness - nipple clamps - all the make concessions to 100 percent power without losing her smile. While impressive, it is not what Isis wants from her barely submissive. Isis quickly shows Addison that her irritation open-mindedness is no rival pro isis' mind fucking and tough bondage. Soon Addison is on her own brink and very close to thriving during the course of as the ardour gets more touchy the vassalage more labyrinthine associated with and the predicaments more painful. by The incident ends with Isis soaking her little sub in a squirt of squirt which apparently pleases both Top and Bottom.

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