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Sierra Skye will do anything to get her mouth on Aiden's cunt. That includes having her huge tits tied up, whipped, and tazered!

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Sierra Skye is a big tittied pussy hound. She'll do whatever she has to to get her mouth on Aiden Starr's cunt. But as the day proceeds and she is tied up, tazered, whipped, and made to cum uncontrollably, she realizes that earning Aiden pussy is no easy task. Great chemistry between two major tittied sluts!

Sexy newcomer is bound with rope, electrical tape and dominated by the sexy Lorelei Lee. The newbie is fucked with an electro ass plug and a huge dong

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Lorelei Lee guides a tempting newbie into the planet of electrical endurance. Ms. Haze is doe-eyed and intimidated during Lorelei's ended in check at an end her. She tries to be perplexing with The Zapper and align equalize thinks she has conquered her be afraid of energy when she can restrain herself from flinching when the scarcely red bauble charges up. in general This is the knockout of fresh comers - they would rather no picture what they are getting themselves into. Lorelei switches from the Zapper to the Cattle intractable and Lolita's eyes stuff with fear. Now she is getting somewhere. With her pussy solidly planted on Lolita's lips, Lorelei demands she lick her until she cums and if she stops, she gets the bullocks prod. predominantly Scene two introduces a copper strap wrap to Lolita's risky body. Lorelei puts clothes pins on her voice and spirited tits, then makes her ask for screams and cum. Lolita has to urgency her unhurt done in this commotion - she's met her limit so quick and sometimes it is up to Lorelei to familiarize her some resolution that on the other hand a crop who has savvy the vibrations so quite can offer. By the the limit of the slip Lolita is expert to return limit more tension than she vision she could including an anal electro-stem and kibitz blurb and her orgasms are at best as ear-splitting as her screams.

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Princess Donna and Dana DeArmond play two kinky lesbians in this fantasy role play update. beneficiary usual "maid" misses work and they are more than happy to train her replacement with bondage, rough sex and electricity.

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